Astana go Green

Kazakhstan  looks  at green economy as a necessary step for the Country – said  the Minister of Environment and Water Resources, Nurlan Kapparov –   during the first meeting of the Board on the transition to “green economy”, chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov on July 30.

“Kazakhstan needs to research to complete the study on climate change and consider this aspect as a matter of national interests,” added Kapparov.

Climate change requires careful study and needs constant monitoring. In its report, the Minister, outlined the regions and economic sectors most vulnerable to climate change and the consequences for the Country.

The Council submitted a number of recommendations to the government. A complex of measures on adaptation to climate change in Kazakhstan will be developed on their basis.

The Prime Minister instructed heads of state agencies concerned,  to submit proposals to the Government, taking into account the recommendations of the Council.


No Visa required for Italian citizens to Kazakhstan

passaportoFrom 15 July 2014 until 15July 2015 Italian citizens (as well as US, the Netherland, Great Britain, France, German, Malaysian, UEA, Korea and Japan ones)  can travel to Kazakhstan for business or tourism purposes with no visa, providing their stay in Kazakhstan will not exceed 15 days. The 15 days term is to be consider very strict.

This decision was taken by the Government tin order to make simpler to entry to Kazakhstan and increase business and tourism.